Gene Testing

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Discover how the powerful interaction among genetics, diet and lifestyle can help you meet your personal health and performance goals.

Dr Anita Cochrane is a Fitgenes Accredited Practitioner who can help you find out how you can meet your health goals with personalised genetic profiling.

Your genes do not have to be your destiny because their expression can be modified by diet, exercise and lifestyle.

To help you optimise your health we take a simple swab of your mouth. A genetic assessment of the genes that can be modified by diet, exercise and lifestyle choices is then conducted on the DNA collected in the swab.

Based on your results, we generate a personalised Health and Well-Being genetic profile report that details your genetic profile in six main areas including:

  1. Inflammation – involved in everything from chronic disease and obesity to the dementias
  2. Cell defence – how your body detoxifies and protects cells and your genetic material from the damage caused by oxidative stress
  3. Vitamin D receptors – influences bone health, immunity, skin and the nervous system
  4. Fat and cholesterol metabolism – influences weight management, appetite control and satiety
  5. Methylation and homocysteine metabolism – reflects the health of our genes and risk of chronic disease
  6. Cardiovascular health

The personalised report outlines the type of exercise, diet and nutritional supplements that you can apply to optimise your health based on your genetic profile.

Genetic Testing & Health & Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report $450
Nutrigenomic interpretation & application of the genetic testing and profile report $210
Total Cost $660

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We can combine genetic testing with biochemical profiling when we work with your GP.