Integrative Health Evaluation

Integrative Health Evaluation 2017-09-14T15:16:47+00:00

This free integrative health assessment is best conducted on a laptop or computer (not a phone or tablet) using Google Chrome, or alternatively Safari or Mozilla Firefox. The platform is not supported by Internet Explorer. The platform used for this evaluation is HIPPA compliant and secure.

The assessment is free and needs to be completed before your first integrative health appointment.

The assessment is comprehensive and will cover all areas of your health. Depending on the complexity of your health conditions it will take 60 minutes or so to complete. If you have time constraints, you can save where you are up to, and come back to the evaluation at any time. However, most people find it easier to complete the test in one sitting. Just remember, the time you spend doing this evaluation outside the session will save you time and money in your one on one session with us.

We encourage you to take the time to complete the evaluation as accurately as you can. Please insert approximate dates if you are unsure of the dates of events, as a time line will be generated that is extremely beneficial in understanding your health journey.

Not only will you receive a time line of your health journey, but a Health Score and graphic of which health areas you most need to work with. The material you provide will be very important in developing a health and wellness plan for you.

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