Private Health Facts & Rebates

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You do not require a referral to see a LifePsyche practitioner if you are self-funding the session or being funded by your private health fund (e.g. BUPA).

Private health fund plans may provide rebates for psychological, dietetic and other health services. You are advised to check with your health fund about your eligibility requirements for psychology, dietetic and other health services before attending an appointment.

You cannot use both your Medicare referral and private health to rebate on the same session.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)

We can process DVA clients through our HPOS facility via the Medicare online portal.

DVA issues health cards to veterans, their war widow(er)s and dependants to ensure they have access to health and other care services.

There are two types of DVA health cards available, Gold and White Cards. Both cards have different entitlements to access health services.

Gold Cards

A Gold Card entitles the holder to DVA funding for services for all clinically necessary health care needs, and all health conditions, whether they are related to war service or not. The card holder may be a veteran or the widow(er) or dependant of a veteran. Only the person named on the card is covered.

Generally, health services listed on the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) (including Psychological/Dietetic services) are available to Gold Card holders and are consistent with the limits under the MBS.

For any other health services that are not listed on the MBS, you will require prior financial authorisation from DVA. To check if you are entitled to Psychological Therapy or Dietetic services you can call the DVA Health Provider Line on 1300 550 457 (Metro) or 1800 550 457 (Non-Metro).

White Cards

DVA White Card entitlements are as follows:

  • accepted injuries or conditions that are war caused or service related;

  • malignant cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, any mental health condition whether war caused or not; and

  • the symptoms of unidentifiable conditions that arise within 15 years of service (other than peacetime service).

Services covered by a DVA White Card are the same as those for a Gold Card but must be for the above conditions.

The card also entitles the holder to transport related to treatment of their accepted condition. Accepted conditions will have been outlined in a letter from the DVA to the veteran.

To check your entitlements please call the DVA Health Provider Line on 1300 550 457 (Metro) or 1800 550 457 (Non-Metro), and quote the file number on the White Card. The same limitations apply to White Card holders as do to Gold Card holders. With the exception of when a veteran needs treatment for a health condition that is not an accepted disability, LifePsyche will not bill DVA.

It is important to check with DVA prior to your first consultation regarding your entitlements for treatment rebates. For White Card holders you may need prior financial authorisation for Psychology and/or Dietetic services.