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  • Being who you want to Be

  • Making life a healthy habit

  • Caring, connecting, supporting

Psychological and lifestyle solutions to help you

Master your Mind, your Body and your Life


  • Healthy Body

    Weight management
    Eating disorders
    Eating issues
    Bariatric surgery support
    Health coaching

  • Healthy Mind

    Managing emotions
    Depression, anxiety, anger, stress
    Overcoming addictions
    Coping with pain, injury, crises


  • Healthy Relationships

    Couple therapy
    Relationship enrichment
    Pre-marriage counselling
    Support during separation and divorce
    Improving interpersonal relationships and communication

  • Healthy Life

    Clarifying goals, values & direction
    Self-esteem & confidence
    Personal development
    Coping with change



The world is changing rapidly. Through our social media postings we aim to keep you informed and inspired with the latest trends and knowledge in psychology, exercise, food and nutrition, and weight management. Click below.

Alcohol is the most widely used social drug in Australia, and possibly, on the planet. There is conflicting evidence in relation to safe levels for consumption. This article is a sobering warning of the association between alcohol and cancer.
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Indulging in less than two drinks a day - a number considered to be acceptable - increases the risk of breast, bowel, liver, mouth and oesophagus cancers, say experts at the University of Otago.